1. Appears to be moving towards 21st century requirements of inclusive holistic education with reduced curriculum, experiential learning, autonomy, flexibility, accountability, superior assessment, and good governance. Huge report but nicely written with required details. Careful implementation needed.
2. Move from ‘Spoon-feeding & Rote Learning to Self-Learning’ and ‘From Teacher-centric Education to Student-centric Active Learning’ to create innovators & socially aware citizens.
3. Least interference by Government & Other bodies in day-to-day functioning of Government & non-Government Schools/ Institutions with active & responsible PTA & Local committees doing the monitoring.
4. Minimize levels of governance & corruption.
5. Ethical service rules make it mandatory for teachers not to take part in Tuitions, start or teach in Coaching classes. Current practices must be stopped to improve Quality of instruction.
6. Innovate Competitive Tests such as JEE to test students’ aptitude, attitude, analysis, synthesis, & design thinking – Objective + Subjective content. Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools for evaluations.
7. High quality, highly motivated & committed Teachers & Faculty is the main & difficult issue. This problem is going to stay with us for a long time – Superior training & mentoring required.
8. Blended learning with ‘Bringing People to Learning’ + ‘Taking Learning to People’, making extensive & judicious use of excellent on-line courses & material of high quality is a possible solution worth exploring seriously.
9. Funding must be substantially increased, especially at the School level.
10. Implementation is always the most difficult issue, especially because Education is a concurrent subject.