1. Mumbai university with 5.6+Lakh student population and 700+ affiliated colleges has become unmanageable. The present online examination grading by a variety of examiners is a mess.
    1. Students are the biggest sufferers. They have to waste so much of their valuable time waiting for results after their examination, admission procedure to colleges, etc.
    2. The number of students is too large for the existing model to work effectively & efficiently.
    3. Also, the affiliated college model is outdated and is a legacy we still pursue! One needs to explore a new governance model.
  2. Alternative one is academic & managerial autonomy to the affiliated colleges with proven quality for 20years and based on well-defined norms, systems and processes, proper hand holding, and guidance. This should reduce the total number of students Mumbai university needs to handle, about one Lakh students, UG & PG combined.
    1. Each autonomous college will be governed by a Board of Governors (BOG), chosen by its faculty, alumni & professional well-wishers. The BOG would have one Government representative. The State Government would provide the finances as is done currently with proper accounting & audit by the college.
  3. Alternative two is to create 5 new universities from the existing Mumbai university – North Mumbai University, South Mumbai University, East Mumbai University, West Mumbai university, & Central Mumbai university, with each about 1Lakh students. The existing university will be the Central Mumbai university.
  4. These two models & possibly others need to be discussed & debated with wide inputs from alumni, government, students, faculty, professional bodies, reputed colleges & institutes, etc.
  5. When implemented, we can then provide high quality education and learning and produce quality graduates with substantial skill-sets and problem-solving abilities. We should shoot for 100% employable graduates and see to it that they get gainful employment.